More Work On The Pitch (Literally!)

Not long after the final kick of the season on our home pitch, we began work on improving both the drainage and the grass quality on key areas of the pitch in time for next season.

This involved digging out new channels to put in top quality drainage, recovering the areas and covering with soil and seeding.

As well as the drainage work, the goalmouths have been flattened, rolled and reseeded in order to keep our strikers on target, and our keepers knees safe.

This work couldn’t have been done without the great community support this club receives from multiple sources. The field of dreams is something we should be proud of as a club, with many more improvements being lined up for the upcoming season!

Thank you to Dave Jones, Malcolm Geal (aka The Grass Whisperer) and MD Groundworks for their outstanding work on our pitch.

Also, thanks to Geldy, Josh, Tom and Traff, who all came down to help out in their spare time.

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